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TAIWAN FANUC Corporation

TAIWAN FANUC is a subsidiary of FANUC Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of numerical controllers (CNC) and industrial robots. TAIWAN FANUC was established in 1986 and has a history of more than 30 years. Our company's CNC products have high quality and high efficiency, coupled with excellent pioneering technology and good service, with a large customer base. Based on CNC technology, we have developed high-performance, high-reliability robots, coupled with advanced technologies such as vision and force sensor. The total number of units shipped worldwide exceeds 1 million units.

  1. CRX Collaborative Robot

Safety, no fence needed. Ease of Use, flexible and simple automation by sharing works of humans and robots. High Reliability.

Various manufacturing industries such as electronics, rubber and plastics, metals, and medical materials.

Robots can replace repetitive, harsh-environment jobs and work long hours, humans will move on to more valuable work.