2019 Exhibitor List

Chin Jin Materials Co., Ltd.

Chin Jin Materials Co., Ltd. was founded by a group of R&D engineers those who possess great enthusiasm for continuous casting process and technology. CJM established in August 2015, in October of the same year, rented the current factory location which area is around 1655 square meters. Our factory is divided into several zones including office, shopfloor, storage and inspection. Although the scale is still quite
small now, it covers most essential elements for a factory.

Main Product

Our main products are industrial shaft parts, tubes and other processing parts.Later we will move toward high-valued products such as nickel & cobalt base specialty alloys wire, welding consumables, electric heating elements.Our products can even be applied to biomedical materials such as dental bridges and crowns etc. Through the OEM experience, we can accumulate more energy and gradually create own-brand products.



Address:82060 高雄市岡山區岡燕路463號